Deal Or No Deal Games

The incredible success of the Deal or No Deal television show has led to the creation of many different types of DoND themed games for you to play. I’m here to guide you through the maze of games and point you in the direction of the game that will give you the most enjoyment and best chance of winning a jackpot! Of all the wagering games at, these are probably the closest experience you will get to actually being on the show. So here is a brief summary of all the Deal or No Deal games on offer in internet land:

DoND Game Pick A Box

Once you have chosen your box, you’re ready to play

The game known only as Deal or No Deal is the closest thing to standing next to Noel Edmonds in the DoND studio and picking the boxes. You simply choose a box from the 26 on offer and then gradually open all the remaining boxes, rejecting or accepting offers along the way after every round. All the boxes contain an amount of cash, any of which could be yours. When there are only two boxes remaining, the phone will ring and The Banker will make a final offer for your box. You can either accept it or open your chosen box. There is a free play version where you can master the game, before going on to try and break The Banker. This is quite possible, as you can win up to £10,000 in single game of Deal or No Deal.

Deal or No Deal Instant

Now choose five boxes, then accept or reject the offer.

Similar to Deal or No Deal (above) is Jackpot Joy’s Deal or No Deal Instant This is a take on the classic TV format where you have five rounds of box picking and a final tough decision of whether to accept an offer or open your box. You can use the ‘quickpick’ feature, which will randomly choose the boxes to be opened. Yet again, you can win up to £10,000 on this game (although this does require a big stake). If you just want to play for fun, then you can stake as little as 50p per game. There is a free play version to hone your skills of this simple, no-nonsense game.

DoND International Version

Is it an offer you can’t refuse? Only you can decide…

Slightly different in looks with it’s gold and black appearance, DoND International is how the game is played in other countries such as the USA. As the game progresses, the colours become even brighter, with blue, red, orange and yellow tones all gracing the layout. The amounts on show are larger than usual and this format is only found on Betfair Games. There are 26 cases (rather than boxes) from which to choose and the quickpick feature for those who just can’t decide. The Betfair Games version allows you to win up £100,000, though there’s the small matter of staking ten grand to do so! You can play for free and the real version allows you to play for just 50p per game.

DoND Jackpot Game

Place your bets please, for the DoND Jackpot Game.

If you’re in search of big money, then Deal or No Deal Jackpot is the game for you. There is so much going on at this 26-box version of DoND. For a start, you might come across a lucky box that contains a jackpot token that allows you to play for the progressive online jackpot that could change your life! Typically progressive jackpots are only available in the DOND slot games, but in this game you can play for a jackpot that reaches £1/2 million regularly and is available to anyone who plays the game. If that wasn’t enough, then you can indulge in a spot of side-betting for each round, where you can bet on what your next offer is likely to be. You can actually win more from this than is in your box. This version of DoND is very lively & entertaining and you can bring yourself up to speed with the free play version, before trying for that life-altering jackpot.

Playing games responsibly: As with the DoND slots, these wagering games can become addictive and it is important to remember that as well as winning big you can also lose big. It is advisable to play any of these games responsibly and to take a break from them if you are spending too much time playing them.